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Not as young as my head thinks I am, I seem to have acquired some little wisdom somewhere down the years. The critical faculty & ability to write have always been there. Don't expect willy-nilly 5 star reviews from me; most of the stuff given that usually isn't quite that good...

Too many to list, but start with reading, music, sport, gardening, history, medieval martial arts, cooking... You see where this is headed, don't you?


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Space Cowboys [2000] [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Clint Eastwood
Space Cowboys [2000] [DVD] DVD ~ Clint Eastwood
Should it be 4* or only 3? The whole premise (no, I shan't say anything about the script itself, but the description gives you enough to form an opinion) is blatantly daft. On the other hand, whilst "Hollywood legend" is vastly over-used... Eastwood, Jones, Sutherland, the late Garner all in one film? Surely, it can't not appeal?

Well, it's a long way from perfect, certainly not worth 5*, but it's appealling enough. As you would expect, all 4 stars turn in solid performances. It is a bit focused on gags / SFX / action shots. So Garner & Sutherland are very much cardboard cut-outs, and the relationship between Eastwood & Jones, and between Eastwood & James Cromwell (the character… Read more
Thief (PC DVD) by Square Enix
Thief (PC DVD) by Square Enix
4.0 out of 5 stars Decent, not perfect, 15 Sep 2014
The original was ground-breaking. For its time, the graphics were pretty hot, the gameplay was... Well, Thief invented the sneak 'em up. Thief II was another deserved 5* game. Not as original as the original; how could it be; it nevertheless enlarged & improved the world and the gameplay. There was a longer interval before Thief III arrived. It wasn't as good as its predecessors; albeit enjoyable, if buggy. Ten years on & we finally get Thief IV...

It's a decent addition to the pantheon, but there are, for me, plenty of niggles with it. I'm a PC player; its console nature is all too obvious at times. One particular irritation is the lack of customisation that's available in… Read more
Hi-Tec Sports Men's Squash Classic Court Trainer Hi-Tec
I can't remember when I bought the current pair. There was an interval of a few years in my squash playing, but I suspect it was over a decade ago. Now? There's a split on the outside of each shoe, about where the lip of the front part of the sole comes to an end, longer on the left (my left foot being slightly the larger, so the shoe is under slightly more stress). The fabric under the heel long ago wore through on both. The fabric at the back of the heel has now worn through in a couple of places on both, such that it's shifting around a bit, prompting me to buy a new pair. After, probably, 7-9 years of regular use.

I might have bought a new pair before now, but I thought I'd… Read more