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Wolf Creek 2 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ John Jarrett
Wolf Creek 2 [DVD] DVD ~ John Jarrett
Everyone's 'favourite' Aussie psycho Mick Taylor is back, yeah not quite Jason or Freddy, but he's up to his old tricks in the Aussie outback. This time he's picking on some poor unfortunate German and Brit back packers, hatchet and shot gun ready, before you can say "strewth Sheila!" he's performed a decapitation on one unfortunate fellow and blown a poor Coppers head clean off, Mick don't take no prisoners!!

There's nothing new we haven't seen in the original movie from nearly 10 years ago, but this is good decent stalk and slash horror, as our grinning maniac, you could call "Crocodile Cadaver" or (Bad) "Mad Max with a machete", dispenses fingers and… Read more
Alien Abduction [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Corey Eid
Alien Abduction [DVD] DVD ~ Corey Eid
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A Family vacationing in North Carolina become lost, their Sat-Nav cuts out, loses its signal, soon though things take a terrifying turn when they encounter......ALIENS!

It all starts off quite promising, saving on expensive effects the 'shaky cam' home footage option works well early on giving a gritty realistic feel to the creepy events unraveling. Soon though this gives way to lots of running around in the dark for some considerable time punctuated by the occasional loud blast of noise and flash of light from the heavens with plenty of sniveling from the cast, which soon becomes quite tiresome.

Plenty of X-Files silliness and a pretty "Is that it?" ending,… Read more
Plastic [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Ed Speleers
Plastic [DVD] DVD ~ Ed Speleers
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A gang of young credit card fraudsters rob the wrong guy, an Eastern European mobster (aren't they always) to clear the 'debt' they plan a multi million dollar diamond heist, as you do!

The movie screams "Oceans 11", "Catch Me If you Can", but turns out more like "Hollyoaks" does "Hustle", the whole cast are a series of fairly unlikeable characters, the sole purpose of any female in the movie is for eye candy, any excuse to visit a strip club is utilized, one which includes a ridiculous scene of our 'heroes' getting one over on the club and it's bouncers, need to get the better of an 18 stone bouncer? easy, push him over and run away… Read more

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