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The Last Gunfighter Ballad <a href="">Johnny Cash</a><span class="byLinePipe"> | </span><span class="byLinePipe">Format:</span> MP3 Download
The Last Gunfighter Ballad Johnny Cash MP3 Download
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There's a great duet with June here, |Far side banks of Jordan, and also a fine duet with Tommy Cash, That silver haired daddy of mine. Among the solo tracks, I particularly like Give it away, illustrating that even those who have nothing can always give a smile, a few kind words or whatever. Other highlights for me include Ridim' on the cotton belt (about his father) and City jail.

This will not go down in history as one of the utterly great Johnny Cash albums, but it's a nice album for his fans.
SO HOLLYWOOD ~ Millers Daughter
SO HOLLYWOOD ~ Millers Daughter
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While claiming to be influenced by such artists as Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young and Abba, this album nevertheless features pictures on the cover and inside implying that this is a country music album - and I found it inamong the country records in my local record shop. I found it amusing that two British sister duos released highly publicized supposedly country albums within such a short timespan, but whereas Ward Thomas really are a country duo, Millers daughter have yet to convince me of that, based on this album, although it might be the kind of music that appeals to American country stations these days.

All that said, this is a fantastic album if one accepts it for what ir is -… Read more
We Got Us / Eydie & Steve Sing The Golden Hits ~ Lawrence/Gorme
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It seems that Steve and Eydie were that showbiz rarity - a couple who were truly happy in each other's company. Once married, they remained married to each other until they died. The two albums presented here, both from 1960, are perfect for such marital bliss.

These albums from 1960, produced by Don Costa, hark back to the thirties and forties both in style and song selection. There is a Christmas song on each of them, which is fine for a Christmas music junkie like myself, but won't suit everybody if they want to avoid such music out of season. That said, these are two magnificent albums, mostly sung as duets but with the occasional solo track.