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Dracula [DVD] [2006] <b>DVD</b> ~ David Suchet
Dracula [DVD] [2006] DVD ~ David Suchet
Funnily enough this TV Movie was created by BBC not ITV, although it says it on the DVD. And it isnt the first time BBC have created a TV Dracula movie. There was one in 1977, which in my eyes is one of the greatest Dracula movie's to date. Where as this... what went wrong. They completely changed the story. Only small part's are close to the book. For Example: Like how Dracula starts off as an old man and slowely gets younger. Now normally i dont mind if it isnt Accurate to the novel. My favorite Dracula movie is the 1931 movie starring Bela Lugosi, and even that differs alot from the novel. But the thing is, i dont like the changes in this movie. It just doesnt work. For a start i dont… Read more