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HamDis Grey Hybrid Flexishield Gel Skin Protection&hellip by HamDis
Had this a few weeks and dropped it a bunch of times (never more than about 4ft) and it's working fine.

No idea what possesed LG to make the back of the Nexus 4 glass. It seems destined to shatter. This covers up the sparkly back of the nexus somewhat (it still looks half classy - you can see the "NEXUS" font even if you cant see the holograpic sparkly stuff) but much more importantly turns the Nexus 4 into something you don't have to worry about falling out of your pocket at the gym/off your desk/out of your hand while out and about.

Buttons are slightly harder to press. Makes no real difference you get used to it. The ports all work fine. Its see-through, but… Read more
World History Timeline by Schofield & Sims Ltd
World History Timeline by Schofield & Sims Ltd
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My flatmate and I descided to cover the flat in posters (world map, muscles of the body, etc, etc) and got this one on a whim.

It wins.

I keep finding myself tracking the history of a given corner of the earth and finding that 20 minutes have passed.

It would be great if it came in a bigger size as while it is perfectly readable, it's our favourite poster and it could do with being twice the size given how absorbing it is. It really puts world history in perspective.
AnkerŪ Astro 5600mAh Portable External Battery Cha&hellip by Anker
5.0 out of 5 stars Charges my Nexus 4 twice, 25 July 2013
I worked out charge to weight and this came out top of the pile. It also happens to be a very convenient size for chucking in a bag (and on occasion in my pocket if I'm leving the house with 25% on the phone)

Took this mountaineering to ensure that we could fill up any of the group's electronics over the days we were away from civilisation and it worked a treat.

It weighs a little less than a phone, feels very robust, the 4 indicator lights do the trick and the mini flash light is a plus. It actually charges my phone faster than charging from the wall (maybe 4h I guess), though the device itself takes a long time to charge (about 10 at a guess).