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Anywhere But Saudi Arabia! Experiences of a Once R&hellip by Kathy Cuddihy
5.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining read!, 28 Mar 2014
My life in Riyadh started just before Kathy's - in 1972 - and our paths crossed a few times over the years she was here. Although I still live in Riyadh, and under very different circumstances from Kathy - I live and work with a Saudi family - I can relate to most of her experiences, and how life has changed over the years in the Kingdom. I found the way she writes very entertaining, and the way she depicts the good and not so good here very true to life. I usually avoid 'true' books about life for expats in the Kingdom as the few I've read have been a load of rubbish - either the writer dislikes the Kingdom and the people so much that there is nothing positive about life here, or it is… Read more