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Top Reviewer Ranking: 4,570 - Total Helpful Votes: 203 of 251
Body Language: How to Know What's REALLY Being Sai&hellip by James Borg
This is a reasonably good review of body language. Borg writes clearly and he seems to know his stuff. (It is not exactly clear how he knows his stuff, or what his qualifications are, but I let this pass as it all sounds credible). He has a chatty, interactive style as if he is talking to you which generally works - although occasionally feels artificial. Overall, I enjoyed the read and ploughed through the book in a few days.

A few criticisms. The first is that the formatting is cluttered and overaly busy. This sounds trivial, but it irritated me and spoilt the read. The book uses the publishers old favourite of pulling odd sentences out from the text and highlighting them in… Read more
How to be Happy: How Developing Your Confidence, R&hellip by Liggy Webb
This is a nice and well intentioned book on happiness. If you want a relatively easy read, that will not challenge you much beyond common sense, but which provides some useful tips then buy it.

The contents are variable in quality - some chapters are deeper than others, some are fluff. For example chapter 7 on lifelong learning seemed to be filler to me, whilst chapter 10 on appreciating life has some interesting contents. For me this book is more a compendium of bits and pieces that contribute to making the good life rather than a real structured approach to being happy. At times there are hints that Webb has deeper knowledge and more interesting experiences than this book… Read more
Strategy: A History by Sir Lawrence Freedman
Strategy: A History by Sir Lawrence Freedman
This is a well written, lengthy book on the concept of strategy - from a military, political and business viewpoint. You have to be interested in strategy as a subject, and enjoy the history of ideas, but if you do, you will find a surprisingly easy read. Given its size there are one or two bits which drag, but overall Freedman has done a masterful job of weaving a huge range of material into a coherent book.

A couple of small criticisms and hence 4 rather than 5 stars. The introductory section of the origins of strategy is not as strong and I think the biblical link is not convincing. In the sections on political and business strategy there is a strong bias towards America. I… Read more

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