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The Attic (Aka Crawlspace) [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Raleigh Holmes
The Attic (Aka Crawlspace) [DVD] DVD ~ Raleigh Holmes
Many a time the problem with a movie (and ‘horror’ movies in particular) is that you don’t care about the characters. As ‘Cabin in the Woods’ pointed out, the ‘stars’ of such films are little more than: ‘Generic Blonde A,’ the ‘Jock, the Slut’ and ‘the Best Friend.’ So, for a start, they’re not particularly entertaining and, secondly, you don’t really care about them when they meet their grisly end.

However, in ‘The Attic,’ the characters are actually quite well-written. The main cast are all a family, who have just moved into a nice suburban house in America. And, they’re actually quite likeable. They’re likeable, largely because they behave like a real family, i.e. they… Read more
Need for Speed <b>DVD</b> ~ Aaron Paul
Need for Speed DVD ~ Aaron Paul
The last time most people saw Aaron Paul was when he was victoriously driving out of a compound filled with dead white supremacists. Of course if you haven’t seen the smash TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ that will probably mean nothing to you (but I do recommend you watch it!). However, if, like many, you enjoyed the series where Aaron Paul was an integral part, you may realise that him starring in ‘Need For Speed’ isn’t that greater step in his acting career.

He basically plays the same sort of character with a few minor differences. This time he races fast cars, but was deliberately framed for the death of a teammate during a race and sent to jail for five seconds (okay, two… Read more
Under the Skin <b>DVD</b> ~ Scarlett Johansson
Under the Skin DVD ~ Scarlett Johansson
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2.0 out of 5 stars Species it is not, 23 July 2014
It’s fair to say that I didn’t enjoy ‘Under the Skin.’ Perhaps it’s my fault. I didn’t know that much about the movie before I saw it. I basically knew the premise, i.e. attractive female alien stalks the streets of Scotland looking for male victims.

Great, I thought – a modern day Species, but with Scarlett Johansson. How could it fail? I does. I guess.

I wasn’t expecting wall-to-wall action and car chases. I was kind of hoping for a more gritty, realistic take on the old female-killer alien scenario. However, what I got was an art-house flick with moments of weird horror.

I like to think I can appreciate ‘the weird.’ I don’t just watch Transformers:… Read more

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