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Transcendence <b>DVD</b> ~ Johnny Depp
Transcendence DVD ~ Johnny Depp
Have you ever looked at one of those ‘magic eye’ pictures? They’re those pictures made entirely of coloured spot and *supposedly* if you stare at them and relax your eyes in just the right way then you’ll see some magical sort of picture contained within. Well… Transcendence is a bit like one of those.

I stared at the film for nearly its two-hour runtime and I’m pretty sure there was something magical contained in there somewhere. I just wasn’t sure of what I’d seen.

For a start (in case you didn’t know) Transcendence wasn’t a commercial success. Despite it’s a-list cast (think Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman), it wasn’t that well-received. One reason – that anyone… Read more
Captain America - The Winter Soldier <b>DVD</b> ~ Chris Evans
5.0 out of 5 stars The Bourne Avenger, 31 Aug 2014
Who’d have thought Captain America would actually work as well as it has? Everyone was a little sceptical about how well a modern day version of Captain America would work on today’s cinema-going audience, but, to many people’s surprise, all of the ‘Cap’s’ outings have been successful. And this is no different.

Although, it is a little different in as much as the film-makers are doing their best not to make it just a generic clone of every other recent Marvel superhero movie (and let’s face it… many of the latest crop of Marvel movies do follow a bit of a template). Instead, it decides to use a different ‘tried and tested’ film format – the ‘Bourne’ movies. We’ve all seen… Read more
Locke <b>DVD</b> ~ Tom Hardy
Locke DVD ~ Tom Hardy
I didn’t like ‘Locke,’ but I’m pretty sure that it’s my fault I didn’t. First of all, I don’t watch films at the cinema, only on DVD. Then, if a film has an actor/theme etc that I like, I’ll watch it without really finding out what it’s about. I think this was a major mistake with Locke.

I’m a big fan of Tom Hardy and will watch him in pretty much anything since I first saw him in Star Trek 10 (yes, I was a fan even before he put his ‘Bane’ mask on). And, if you check out the various quotes on the front of the poster for Locke, you’ll see things like ‘An outstanding thriller.’ Well, that was enough to get me to watch it without even bothering to find out what was contained… Read more

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