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In the Flesh - Series 1 & 2 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Luke Newberry
In the Flesh - Series 1 & 2 [DVD] DVD ~ Luke Newberry
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I literally cannot stop thinking about this tv show. I watched the entire 2 seasons (which, ok there are only 9 episodes) in under 20 hours i was so hooked. The characters are living (ironicly) breathing creations and you feel for them and hate them and love them all at once. The writing is great and the show deals with grief in a way most shows aren't able to. To those looking to buy, be aware that this show deals with issues such as self harm and suicide though they aren't the main focus. I loved the relationship between Kieran, the main character, and Amy, Rick, Jem and Simon, they're all such unique characters. The writers have said that they write the main character, Kieran, as… Read more
Captain America: The Winter Soldier [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Chris Evans
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I'm giving a 5 star review because I literally couldn't pick fault with the film. I loved every aspect of it. I've only seen it once so I might calm down later and realize there are about ten things wrong with it or I might love it my entire life but right now this film has replaced every other film I love in my top ten list. In fact my top ten list now consists of just this film ten times.

The characters are amazing and the actors do such a fantastic job. I love Maria Hill, Natasha and Fury in this, they really stood out to me. The plot is one of my favorites too, awesome team takes down (very slight spoilers here) corrupt organisation, sprinkle with a dozen explosions, a… Read more
Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360) by Electronic Arts
Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360) by Electronic Arts
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Tried to keep it spoiler free but be warned, some things might still spoil you. I haven't explained the ending in any detail though.

So I never played ME1 which i regret. But in the past two weeks I've finished both ME2 and ME3 and I've never been more knocked over by a game in my entire life. I know a lot of people complained about the ending, and I can see why in a way, i'm not going to spoil it for you, but if that is what is putting you off of buying it, get it anyway. Without saying too much, all I can say is that I felt like the ending did the game justice, it was freaking hard, it hurt but the game is about a universal war, it has a mass effect (see what i did there?) on… Read more

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