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I've been reading SF for about 40 years, started with some of the Lucky Starr and Heinlein juveniles. SF comprises about 80% of my reading, sprinkled with some mainstream, horror, mystery, and adventure thrillers.

I find the Amazon rating system somewhat confining (I normally use a 10 point system), and find I must lump together excellent and great reads as 5 star, while 4 stars must do for the a… Read more


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Lightning Fall: A Novel of Disaster by Bill Quick
In many ways, this is an excellent example a post-apocalypse novel, detailing the events and response to a massive EMP blast knocking out everything on the west coast coupled with a nuclear bomb wiping out New Orleans. It has great scope, as it looks at individuals from the very bottom of the social ladder all the way to the top of the heap of Washington power brokers. It spans the entire nation, and circumstances unique to each location. The characters are well delineated, and many show quite a bit of internal change as external events force them to re-evaluate themselves and what they want out of life.

The situations are highly believable. There is no doubt that the US is very… Read more
(with samsung battery cells) 2600mAh External Batt&hellip by OXA
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Insurance, 8 Mar 2014
This is a fairly nice accessory for those of us who may find themselves somewhere out and about where they need to use their phone but find that it has no battery power left. This little gadget will act as a secondary battery that can be used to charge up your phone. Depending on your phone type, it holds enough juice for at least one and possibly three re-charges. It's small enough to fit in your pocket (barely, for normal trousers) or your purse, backpack, or other item you use to carry things. Phone re-charge time is very close to the time the phone normally takes to recharge if plugged into a wall-outlet charger (much faster than if you plugged your phone into a USB). The attachment… Read more
Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me by Peter B. Boody
Thomas Jefferson, Rachel & Me by Peter B. Boody
4.0 out of 5 stars A Mixed Man, 4 Nov 2013
Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, President, colonial farmer and slave holder, alive and real in today's world. This is the premise of this book, a premise that allows an exploration of the man, his times, and by his reactions to it, our times and all the changes between his time and today.

This could have been a dry historical treatise, but instead we are treated to a work with some very real characters, Jack Arrowsmith, retired history teacher, and Rachel, girlfriend of Jack's deceased son. Jefferson starts as a ghostly apparition in Monticello that Jack sees on a visit there, showing his full 82 years, but later solidifies and grows younger, becoming a vigorous man in his… Read more