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My personal glossary of recurring terms I have derived from the absolute worst of the Amazon community:

"Your comment disagrees with my review - do you work for [company name]?"

TRANSLATION: "I can't stand being criticised, so I must come up with an excuse for not listening to both sides of the argument even though history has taught us that that's a bad idea."

"It's just their own opinion!"

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Adventure Time - Season 1 [DVD] [2013] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jeremy Shada
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Adventure Time is a series that I've repeatedly heard about since its initial 2010 release, but I never ended up watching it, since it was on Cartoon Network, and thus was unlikely to be on my TV without extra subscription payments for the extra digital channels and the like. Now that the DVD is finally here, though (With the Amazon release date a bit later for some odd reason), I decided to buy it to see what the fuss was about.

Those of you who've been around on the internet as long as I have may remember the flash cartoon series, "Homestar Runner", and its particular brand of straight-faced surreal humour that, in the words of TV Tropes, feels like a mixture between a… Read more
Four Lions [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Riz Ahmed
Four Lions [DVD] DVD ~ Riz Ahmed
When it comes to black comedy, one really has to forget everything they've heard about the particular subject matter being joked about, and only apply it back once you've gotten a general idea of what it's like. This is how I decided to tackle Chris Morris' "Four Lions", a crime-caper comedy movie centred around a band of not-too-bright terrorists in northern England.

Chris Morris is no stranger to creating comedy from controversial material (See also "Brass Eye") and I certainly wouldn't be surprised if there were indeed people out there who objected to the ideas that Four Lions is aiming to bring across, namely that perhaps terrorists know less about what they're fighting for… Read more
Binding of Isaac (Unholy Edition)/Wrath of Lamb by Merge Games
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There are times when you're looking for the perfect kind of game to play during short breaks, while waiting for something, or when you have a lengthy internet video on in the background and want to do something alongside it. My personal choice for this kind of purpose is Binding of Isaac, a twin stick shooter/dungeon crawler/bullet hell/survival horror...thing from Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen.

Procedurally-generated games are nothing uncommon in the games industry, but for the most part, this pretty much amounts to rooms stapled together differently with very little visible difference in the player's mind. This is something Diablo III suffered heavily from, and… Read more

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