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The Chambers Dictionary by Chambers (Ed)
The Chambers Dictionary by Chambers (Ed)
I'll admit it: I last bought the Chambers dictionary in 1993, as a man in his early twenties. Two weeks ago, I bought this thirteenth edition, and if nothing else, I am utterly astounded by the changes, a large proportion of which have been brought on by the computer revolution, science (such as 'exoplanet'), and medicinal advancement, over the past three decades. Back in 1993 we had "email" but no "online" nor "offline". The word "internet" had also come into use, albeit only among the 'geekiest' of the 'geeks'. That being said, not all has kept up with the times, in this latest edition: back then "ISDN" was defined, as it bizarrely still is today (Hello editorial team, surely it's time… Read more
5 in 1 Wireless Lost Key Finder Locator Find Locat&hellip by lgking supply
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I've been making use of mine for the past week and I must say I'm delighted with it - as a frustration saver, it's almost priceless. But there is something I need to clear up: some people here are complaining that "it's too quiet." Wait a moment... this is supposed to help *you* find your missing items - not you plus your next door neighbour, nor your entire street! For *you* to find your missing keys it sounds perfectly loud. Simply walk around with the locator control in your hand and as you enter each room in your abode - simply press the correspondingly assigned button on it, and voila! The electronic 'whirring' sound gives away the location of your missing item. BTW, it is strongly… Read more
Book Wrap 25m long roll by 50cm wide by That Company Called If
Book Wrap 25m long roll by 50cm wide by That Company Called If
Firstly, please note that this is to be used to cover hardback dust jackets, rather than paperbacks. With that being said, what both the pictures for this product and its instructions do not show, is that you will definitely need to use plenty of sticky tape to make this stay on the cover of any book. No matter how well you cut it and fold it, you will find, without sellotape, that it simple comes right off any book. And I must stress that its instructions make it out like all you need to do is cut and fold and voila - "Bob's your figurative uncle". Hmmm, not exactly so.

When buying this, I was truly hoping that it would have the kind of consistency which meant that it did,… Read more