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One day, I'll publish my own book, but until then, I love writing with as much eloquence as I can muster; and I love reviewing products. But please don't for a moment think I've kept everything I've revie… Read more

I might be interested in being picked for the vine program, but you'll see that I always write, far too candidly, to be invited. Shame... After all, what more could someone want, who loves exhaustively to review, a diverse range of items, than to be … Read more


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PowerGen 12000mAh External Battery Pack High Capac&hellip by POWERGEN
Mine worked well for three months. Beware, had I review this within the first month of ownership I'd have been like everyone else - giving it full marks. However, I've owned mine since June 2014 and *already* it seems to have developed a loose connection in the hole where a charging wire must be placed to charge it. Since this has happened it has become completely unreliable to charge. That is, you could leave it to charge up, and return ten minutes later only to find it's stopped itself from charging.

Because mine's become defective within only three months of ownership surely this is a poor reflection of its build quality. Just want to warn others, and provide some balance to… Read more
Audio-Technica ATH-A900X Audiophile Closed-Back Dy&hellip by Audio Technica
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Firstly, trying to say which headphones are better, of these two 'monitor level', audiophile grade, headphones, is a bit like splitting a hair, and then trying to determine which spliced hair follicle is left with more width. The 'technically' cheaper (remember that it's only because current, imported pricing is artificially skewing the actual difference between these) phones - the ATH M50 are still, it must be remembered, professional grade, monitor headphones. In other words they've been designed and manufactured to be among the best you can buy already. In other words, if you're looking for me to say which one is better, then I'm sorry to disappoint you - because each pair of headphones… Read more
The Chambers Dictionary by Chambers (Ed)
The Chambers Dictionary by Chambers (Ed)
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I'll admit it: I last bought the Chambers dictionary in 1993, as a man in his early twenties. Two weeks ago, I bought this thirteenth edition, and if nothing else, I am utterly astounded by the changes, a large proportion of which have been brought on by the computer revolution, science (such as 'exoplanet'), and medicinal advancement, over the past three decades. Back in 1993 we had "email" but no "online" nor "offline". The word "internet" had also come into use, albeit only among the 'geekiest' of the 'geeks'. That being said, not all has kept up with the times, in this latest edition: back then "ISDN" was defined, as it bizarrely still is today (Hello editorial team, surely it's time… Read more