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Crazy Odge: Confessions of an Esoteric Engineer by Odgie Danaan
First impressions were favourable; the book is big and heavy for a softback, and for the price; I suppose one has to come to like, or respect the author when a book is written in the first person, and is about themselves. That took some time a-coming after reading about one adventure when a young Odge and his mates entered into a "dice", i.e. race with a new Marina in their old American car [we've all done it!] and when they lost, rammed the hapless guy in said Marina. They then went straight to the police to file a report blaming Mr. Marina driver. It was alright though, because anyone driving a Marina must be a "knob". This writer was still churning that one over, when,… Read more
In Plain Sight: The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile by Dan Davies
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A long and thoroughly researched tome. Bit "journalistic" in style, each chapter seems to end in an attempt at a summary intended to leave the reader with a perjorative impression, rather than one which he or she may have arrived at themselves. One feels a bit manipulated, just as if one has read a typical newspaper article.
Freddie Foreman: The Godfather of British Crime by Freddie Foreman
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I found it a bit difficult to finish and like this book, or rather its author and principal character. Goes on about honour in the underworld, but it becomes clear that such has to suit him and his mates of the moment. They're also allowed to dish out summary "justice" whenever it suits them, but its always "out of order" if it comes back on them. Woth reading though, for reasons of insight into that world

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