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The Spartans: An Epic History by Paul Cartledge
The Spartans: An Epic History by Paul Cartledge
This is a robust plain spoken, one might say laconic, account of the history of Sparta through the lives of prominent Spartans. For so undramatic a people the lives of their kings read like an ancient country & western song (illegitimacy, exile, self-mutilation, rogue oracles). There is a bit of academic sniffery: can any of us tell at this remove whether Spartan religious sensibilities were, shall be say, situation specific? Recommended.
Rust and Bone [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Marion Cotillard
Rust and Bone [DVD] DVD ~ Marion Cotillard
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It may be grim oop north, but absent the heat it seems to be that way down south too. A boxer (Matthias Schoenaerts playing the unlikely named Ali) turns up at his sisters in Antibes with his young son and tries to get started again, in the story that follows there is more bad luck than one could shake a stick at as he meets Marion Cotillard's character, gets involved in bare knuckle fighting, and the secret world of industrial spying. The ending may be a little sentimental for a British audience but the story pulls no punches until then.
The Alamo [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Dennis Quaid
The Alamo [DVD] DVD ~ Dennis Quaid
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5.0 out of 5 stars Adelante mio muchachos, 6 July 2014
Americans love to dwell on their martial episodes and this is a fine example of the modern genre. Everyone looks satisfyingly dirty, there is a fearful deal of prosing, and a lot of bloody action. Given the number of famous historical names that even I could spot I am guessing the average American filmgoer must have been in histo-heaven; even Juan Sequin gets his day in the sun. The technical side of the attack is carefully considered (the zapadores are a fine sight) and little is left to chance - I am reminded of The Last Of The Mohicans here. The cast give their all with Davy Crockett (Billy Bob T) being satisfyingly nuanced; the evil Darth Santa Anna - on the other hand - is a dreadful… Read more