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Nuclear 2.0: Why A Green Future Needs Nuclear Powe&hellip by Mark Lynas
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In the '70,s, I worked in the nuclear industry ( Harwell, Windscale, now Sellafield). At that time, Britain had produced over 50% of all world domestic electricity ever produced using nuclear power. We were at the cutting edge of nuclear plant design.
In the late 1970's, there was a great inquiry and debate whether Britain should get rid of nuclear power altogether, argued mostly by the Eco's, middle class intellectuals and ex-hippy types routing for wind power and renewables. The Nuclear industry in Britain went into a 40 year decline.
Global warming was on the side lines then. Now that it has become centre stage and people have realised that nuclear power, despite it's… Read more
The Christmas Thief: A Tale of Redemption by Mr. John Finan
A short ( about 50 pages) story of someone whose life has spiralled downhill finding the true meaning of Christmas after picking up a statue of the old Father Christmas whilst burgling a house of Christmas presents.
It's really about going back to the old idea of people having to help each other get through the Winter time. Now Christmas is all about presents, sending cards and over-indulging, which is fine, but I think many would like a return to simpler, less materialistic times representative between the old Father Christmas (green coated with wreath around his head) and Santa Claus (red suit, white beard and sack full of presents).
If nothing else, I would like to see more… Read more
Filthy English: The How, Why, When And What Of Eve&hellip by Peter Silverton
A very entertaining book on swearing. All the naughty words are there, their etymology and how they have come into and out of fashion. It points out how swearing has changed in different periods. Words that we see as crude and bad were once common place and descriptive. Going back in time, it was religious or blasphemy words that were most offensive and could lead to extreme punishment if uttered. Then came sexual words, particularly those referring or describing women's parts strangely, and finally in the present, racially derogative words. Most of the words in themselves don't really mean a lot ( Bloody referred to God's blood on the cross and was looked on as blasphemous whereas now it's… Read more

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