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Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage Wireless Gami&hellip by Creative
5.0 out of 5 stars So far, impressed, 20 Mar 2014
Bought these for the missus as a previous pair (logitech H800's) were... a bit delicate to say the least.

These are over ear cups so nice and comfy and feel much more solidly built. The range on them is pretty decent, it'll happily do 3 floors in a house, so I'd imagine line of sight they'd be quite impressive.

Not messed with the software yet so I'd imagine there's a whole extra level of stuff to like there.

Other VERY useful thing. These - you just plug the USB stick in and it will change the default output in windows on the fly, it SEEMS to even be able to do it while (e.g) a game is already running rather than having to restart it. Immediately… Read more
Total War Rome II (PC DVD) by Sega
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I'll generally write this up for info about those who pre-ordered at the moment.

I've contacted Amazon and the codes start to go out tomorrow apparently.

Just a thought for those slating Amazon over the codes. This is steamworks DLC, I'd imagine Amazon are rather at the mercy of Steam when it comes to codes. Now if I was Steam I'd be making sure to look after direct purchases first, then sort everyone else out, dragging my feet looking after everyone else would ensure more customers came to me.

I'm not outright defending Amazon, they've had time to sort this out but I'd imagine it's a bit of both involved here.

Will review properly when I get my… Read more
Sennheiser On-Ear Closed-back Gaming Stereo Headse&hellip by Sennheiser
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You've seen a lot about: good sound quality, closed cup, decently good headphones. You've also heard about the death clamp. The thing is, if you can get fractionally used to the pressure on the ears and tuck the top of your ear in so it just flattens on the rest (of your ear) the clampiness is then extremely comfy.

They don't roll around when you move your head... They are basically just a part of your head now and the only downer is the slight pressure on the ears. It's maybe not for those with dumbo ears, but otherwise it should be auditioned for a couple of days at least. The hinge ear goes back or forward and does actually still just stick it to your head… Read more