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Tropic of Capricorn (Harper Perennial Modern Class&hellip by Henry Miller
4.0 out of 5 stars Astonishing ambition, 18 Jun 2013
These days, with precious few minutes left after work and family to sit down and read, I'm sad to say I rarely finish a novel. But Tropic of Capricorn just gripped from the beginning and I'm already a hundred pages in. I even read it on the bus.
It's premature for me to say whether this is a great or a flawed book. The brutal honesty at times is coarsely delivered. But overall, the scale of the ambition, the fire and intensity with which it's delivered... True, it comes out like a rant, a huge outpouring of ideas and experiences, but that is an essential part of the work, sweeping away form, straight from the heart. For a comparator you'd have to go European e.g. Céline, but… Read more

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