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The Banishment [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Konstantin Lavronenko
The Banishment [DVD] DVD ~ Konstantin Lavronenko
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This film is incredibly shot.

That could well be where my review should stop - because it truly is one of the most thought-over and well composed films I've ever seen.
Even if you were just to absorb the imagery without sound it would not take you long to bring about comparisons to Tarkovski and Kieslowski (among other greats). The camera sweeps though scenes in a beautifully choreographed manner in an attempt to deliver the surroundings to the viewer with as much depth as the story itself.

Sadly this is where it fails.
The story is little more than a guild, leading the camera through these beautiful shots and at no point did I feel the plot took presidence… Read more
Mongol: The Rise to Power of Genghis Khan [DVD] (2&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Tadanobu Asano
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I'm going to be a little more critical than the past few reviews.

Camerawork : Fantastic (particularly the opening shot). Wonderful framing and wide landscape shots. And the sets and costumes stay true to the intended time.
I am however sceptical of the cinematography as I feel a lot of the beauty in the shots has more to do with the land itself than the brilliance of the photography. This is by no means to the stunning standard of Baraka or Laurence of Arabia, both of which have the available scenery but still rely massively on the artistry of the photography.

Plot : Only Swiss cheese has this many holes in it! There seemed to be a number of scenes that just… Read more
Hatchet [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Joel David Moore
Hatchet [DVD] DVD ~ Joel David Moore
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This is a very odd film - it's sort of split into 2 areas:
1. Terrible teenie, Saved by the Bell style acting.
2. Brutal, cleverly choreographed violence.
The two really don't marry very well and it makes the viewer a little unsure as to how he/she should feel when a character, not dissimilar to Mr Wilson from the Dennis cartoons, gets his torso split from neck to belly with an axe and his head (+ spinal column) ripped out!

A side of me wants to recommend this film for it's rather awesome death scenes - but the functioning side of my brain wants to warn you about the terribly unrealistic and cheesey sitcom-style acting.

I guess its nothing more than a… Read more

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