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The Power by Rhonda Byrne
The Power by Rhonda Byrne
1.0 out of 5 stars A book too far, 14 Mar 2014
I liked 'The Secret' so got a copy of this follow up book. However, I now realise that 'The Secret' appealed because of the contributions of numerous abundance writers whose quotes make up most of that book. It's a nice mix of angles and styles on the same theme.

'The Power', by contrast, shows not only how you can have too much of a good thing but also how weak Byrne is as a writer. Her basic premise is that you can get yourself into a positive state of mind by looking at all the good things in your life. This mental state then supposedly leads to the receipt of whatever you want.

I don't necessarily agree that this is how the abundance method works but even so… Read more
Value Betting: Professional Approach to Horse Raci&hellip by Mark Coton
A real gem of a book, as relevant today as back in the 1990s when it was first published. Simply put, Coton explains how it is only possible to win long term if you are getting paid over the odds. Like an art dealer, you assess the true price of an item and then make sure you sell it for more. Estimate skilfully and you cannot fail but to make a profit.

Coton not only explains this fundamental theory but then discusses practical aspects of form reading. Finally, he presents his 'Unique Form and Value' formula. This is priceless! He assigns a set of scores to the main areas of form such as class, conditions, trainer, etc, weighted according to importance. Having estimated… Read more
How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony: And Why You &hellip by Ross Duffin
This is possibly the best introduction to the topic of intonation. This subject goes back to the ancient Greeks yet is hardly considered by musicians today. Basically, we have settled for equal steps between the notes of a scale, specifically 12 semitones. Yet this is relatively recent. In history, musicians used all sorts of unequal systems. The purest is Just intonation, which uses the natural harmonic series produced when a string or air column vibrates. Then come a plethora of systems altered more of less from this pure basis, so-called temperaments. Diffin is very clear in his explanation of which is best (and why it is not Equal temperament). He has a very readable style and… Read more