Jane Vernon

Location: Gloucestershire, UK
In My Own Words:
I am a full-time potter and textile artist making cheery tableware and luxurious wallhangings. I built and maintain my own website, which surely must be worth a look!

friends, food, cooking, poetry, music, gardening, though I rarely have time for the last one these days.


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Humax BC-900I Home Audio System by HUMAX
This was a very disappointing purchase because the radio was faulty. The screen that was supposed to come up at the beginning didn't. When we eventually worked out how to get anywhere we discovered that the scroll button didn't work a lot of the time, so you couldn't actually do anything. While it was working it seemed as if it was going to be an ideal product but without the main control working it is no use. I have been offered a refund/replacement but unfortunately I am now abroad so cannot return the radio until we return to UK. By which time we won't need an internet radio.