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Resident of Glendale, CA. Born 5-16-49 in Milwaukee, WI. A voracious reader and avid traveler. Loves Great Britain, especially London, more than any other place on the globe - must have spent a previous life there. Married to Anne, who was born of Polish parents aboard an Argentine merchant ship on the high seas. Owned by three cats, Amanda, Rags, and Sissy. Loves cold, left-over pizza so much tha… Read more

World travel with several good books in my carry-on.


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Lonely Planet : Drive Thru America by Sean Condon
"In a cool cell somewhere beneath the Capitol Building a couple of swarthy types in off-the-rack suits held us down in metal chairs while electrodes were attached to our nipples and genitals."  from DRIVE THRU AMERICA, in Washington, D.C.

"We concluded our hysteric night in historic Tupelo by watching some porno movies ... and discussed what it'd be like licking other people for a living."  from DRIVE THRU AMERICA

"We briefly discussed the idea of crossing the border into Mexico. But why should we? We haven't done anything wrong."  from DRIVE THRU AMERICA, in Galveston

"Here in cute little Carmel-by-the-Sea they've banned obscene eyesores like… Read more
The Importance of Being Trivial: In Search of the &hellip by Mark Mason
"... the only female in Lawrence of Arabia [DVD] [1989] is Gladys the camel ..."  from THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING TRIVIAL

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING TRIVIAL is author Mark Mason's search for the "perfect fact". Perfect, i.e., as regards to subject matter.

I'd previously read Mason's Walk the Lines: The London Underground, Overground, and have his Move Along, Please in my unread queue, and I thought this would be an engaging bridge between the two travel essays. Perhaps I was overly… Read more
Caesar's Legion: The Epic Saga of Julius Caesar's &hellip by Stephen Dando-Collins
"Jupiter Best and Greatest, protect this legion, soldiers all."  according to CAESAR'S LEGION, the Legionary's Prayer

"The eagle of the (Tenth) legion, silver at this time, gold by imperial times, was venerated by its legionaries. Kept at an altar in camp with lamps burning throughout the night, it and the ground it stood on were considered sacred. Conveyance and protection of the eagle were the tasks of the men of the 1st Cohort, but it was the obligation of every soldier in the legion to defend it with his life."  from CAESAR'S LEGION.

CAESAR'S LEGION by Stephen Dando-Collins, with the subtitle of "The Epic Saga of Julius Caesar's Elite Tenth Legion and the Armies… Read more