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Resident of Glendale, CA. Born 5-16-49 in Milwaukee, WI. A voracious reader and avid traveler. Loves Great Britain, especially London, more than any other place on the globe - must have spent a previous life there. Married to Anne, who was born of Polish parents aboard an Argentine merchant ship on the high seas. Owned by three cats, Amanda, Rags, and Sissy. Loves cold, left-over pizza so much tha… Read more

World travel with several good books in my carry-on.


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Three Stations by Martin Cruz Smith
Three Stations by Martin Cruz Smith
"'It's Dopey,' Vaksberg said. 'You killed Dopey.'"  from THREE STATIONS, said to Arkady Renko, Dopey being one of Snow White's Seven Dwarfs (in Disney's 1937 version)

This book's title, THREE STATIONS, refers to that public open space, Moscow's Komsomolskaya Square, on the edges of which are situated three mainline railroad termini, Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky on the north and Kazansky on the south. And, to make things even more bustling with potential mischief, the Komsomolskaya Metro station serving a pair of underground lines lies between the former two.

The Three Stations square serves pretty much as the focal point for both the main plot and the subplot of this… Read more
Call for the Dead by John le Carré
Call for the Dead by John le Carré
"Smiley was no material for promotion and it dawned on him gradually that he had entered middle age without ever being young, and that he was  in the nicest possible way  on the shelf."  from CALL FOR THE DEAD

I've been a tremendous fan of John le Carré's George Smiley for years. How could one not be, especially after having seen the BBC's exemplary television adaptations of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy : Complete BBC Series [DVD] [1979] and Smiley's People [1982] [DVD], both starring Alec Guinness?

CALL FOR THE DEAD was first published in… Read more
In the Blood by Robert J. Sullivan
In the Blood by Robert J. Sullivan
Anything I write about IN THE BLOOD must be qualified by the fact that police procedural novels aren't ones I read much. Only a couple of titles by Joseph Wambaugh even stand out in my memory. However, IN THE BLOOD came my way and, since it had an inventive angle and promised to be a quick read, I caved.

Here, Earthling homicide detective Sam Dane travels to the planet Procrustes, populated by a mixture of human colonists and the indigenous Zherghi, to help investigate a series of slasher killings - all victims being human - that seems to coincide with the festival and mating season of Utu when festival-goers dress up in costumes and lose their inhibitions. Sam is helped in his… Read more