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Allegory and Metaphor ~ Sean Deason
Allegory and Metaphor ~ Sean Deason
5.0 out of 5 stars criminally under rated, 13 Oct 2010
Having bought this on a whim, i have been amazed by this album. This is modern techno as it should be. Deason weaves melody, beats, ambience and electrosoul in one tight package. The sound quality, the hi-hats, strings and bass suggest decent mixing equipment and it shows; the sound floats in the air, grabbing you, to listen and pay attention. Try the track Psybadek One, reminiscent of Goldie / A Guy called Gerald with its restless drum and bass sampling paen to lost sadness. The title track, Allegory is a masterpiece, especially in it's revisited form with the bass coming in rumbling around halfway. I had assumed Hiphoptrack would be a typical ghetto bass, crude joint but yet again the… Read more

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