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The Israeli Secret Services and the Struggle Again&hellip by Ami Pedahzur
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The book purports to claim that Israel's methodology of killing members of Palestinian terrorist groups, along with other military means, has not decreased either the incidence or lethality of terrorist attacks. This is plainly false. At its peak in March 2002, Palestinian terror groups were carrying out an attack every day. Those attacks were also extremely lethal with that month alone the same number of Israelis as Hizbollah managed in its "victory" in 2006. Fast forward to today and Israel barely suffers any terrorism and such terrorism as exists comes almost exclusively out of Gaza.

It never ever ceases to amaze me that people can write books like this that are clearly… Read more
By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a &hellip by Victor Ostrovsky
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Ostrovsky wrote a mildly interesting book. It details some of the training that went into creating an agent which is interesting and has some gossip about some past cases. It also puts across the "I was framed" argument for his one and only - badly failed - operation. Then to spice up the book we have exams of mass orgies on the campus and accusations of not letting the americans know about what was previously the worst terror attack on americans until 9/11 - I would point out that whilst I have no doubt that if one combs the archives they'll be some note somewhere that in hindsight should have be paid attention but like 9/11 these are not always clear especially in a large-ish… Read more
The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Su&hellip by Robert Baer
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Baer's thesis is that Iran is a major superpower, that it is pragmatic and that America needs to deal with Iran on more or less Iran's terms. He provides a significant amount of support for this conclusion. The key arguments are:

1) Iran has the whip hand over global oil supplies
2) They have a dedicated, uncorrupt core that is focused on extending their domination
3) The US is incapable of fighting the Iranians because of the style and dedication of their fighters
4) Iran has a superior message for the local populace
5) America's tradional allies are corrupt and weak.

Each one of these is nowhere near a slam dunk. Firstly it should be pointed… Read more