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Technology of the F 1 Car by Nigel MacKnight
Technology of the F 1 Car by Nigel MacKnight
4.0 out of 5 stars casual reading 2 You, 4 Jun 2013
First of all excuse me,but i can not find best solution to describe my opinion about this book,just to copy 1:1,what i wrotte about the other MacKnight book so please find it bellow:
Without the intention, to insult the author,i have the followings about his book:
It is a great summary of the era wich is detailed in the book,it has a lot of intresting articles,detailed,or as a whole.
Plus extra feature,when you are reading this book,You will experience an extreme "time-travel "feeling into this era,You feel the smell of the fuel,feel,the speed,the excitment,hear noise of the cars,..
Unfourtanetly,these days are over