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50 Simple Questions for Every Christian by Guy Harrison
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I found myself agreeing with much of this book but also finding several sections where the author may have inadvertently revealed his own ‘confirmation bias’, something which some atheist skeptics appear to think they are immune (I don’t think anyone is immune from it and it even seems to infect the scientific method at times).

One particular section where the author’s bias may be playing a part is the one concerning the afterlife - 'how do we know that heaven is real?’

Here the author makes the false or highly misleading claim that scientists are able to ‘induce the near-death experience’ (p94).

Harrison references two articles, both of which include false… Read more
Grill a Christian by Roger Carswell
Grill a Christian by Roger Carswell
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Perhaps the most efficient way to give the potential reader some idea of the contents of this book is to briefly summarise some of the beliefs presented within its pages and apparently held by the author:

1. Christianity is the one true religion. No other religions can lead to the one true god.
2. All non-Christians will, upon the death of their physical bodies, be transported to Hell - a region created by an all-loving and forgiving God - where they will suffer unimaginable torture for eternity, with no hope of redemption.
3. It is dishonest and immoral to distort the message of the Bible to fit your own beliefs or needs.
4. The Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament) is… Read more
there was no Jesus, there is no God by Raphael Lataster
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Well, Raphael Lataster's book has a provocative title so why not follow suit - `contains errors!' indeed, more of which later, where, if you will bear with me, I will attempt to argue that, contrary to Mr Lataster's conclusion, there most probably is a God.

But before we get to that, a quick overview of the book...which is a somewhat mixed affair.

A large portion of the book (the first 130 pages or so) concentrate solely on the `there was no Jesus' claim. Here, Lataster's writing is clear, well-reasoned and supported by decent footnotes and sources.

It's a good summary of the arguments put forward by independent authors and scholars such as Robert M… Read more

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