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Smoke & Mirrors and Steven Seagal: The Burning Pan&hellip by Stuart Millard
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This book is about tall tales, BS, and lying in popular culture with heavy emphasis on the martial arts and wrestling.
I think it's best described by giving a quick summing up of each chapter.

The first chapter is about James Hydrick, a martial artist who could turn the pages of a book or move a pencil without touching it, using the power of his mind. Hydrick became a celebrity and had his own school before being exposed as a phony, the page turning and pencil moving were conjuring tricks performed by covertly blowing on things!

The next chapter is about urban legends. One such legend involve incidents where people would claim that Bill Murry came up to them, he… Read more
THE FOOD HOURGLASS: Slow Down the Ageing Process a&hellip by Dr Kris Verburgh
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This book argues that our understanding of food is fundamentally flawed. The food pyramid (and food plate) recommendations is out of date and just plain wrong. It also argues that nutrition is best understood by the effects food has on how the body ages and this also has important implications on losing weight and cancer prevention.

This book is very critical of the diet industry, claiming they exploit our bad understanding of the body by using poor quality science to sell people diets that either don't work, or do work (in the short term) but have damaging side effects e.g the Atkins diet (low sugar, high protein) has too much protein in the diet putting strain on the liver and… Read more
Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces Tha&hellip by Ed Catmull
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This book is written by Ed Catmull (one of the founders of Pixar), it describes the creative process Pixar uses to develop their movies.

This book is broken down in to four sections

1) Getting Started
While Ed was at university he was involved with high tech research funded by the American government( as a response to the Russian Sputnik program). The government just let the scientists research whatever they wanted and trusted them to do the right thing, this was highly influential on the author's belief in non hierarchical groups and trusting people to get on with their work.

"The leaders of my department understood that to create a fertile laboratory,… Read more