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I am the author of 'The Christ Conundrum: The Skeptic's Guide to Jesus' which looks at the evidence of the historical Jesus. It shows that Jesus was a Jew, he was a man of his time and he was most certainly NOT God! As a Jew, Jesus would have been angry that people are worshipping him.

I love debunking myths, superstitions and religions. Am a big fan of history and interested in science. I'm a nice, friendly atheist so please get in touch!


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Hell's Prisoner: The Shocking True Story Of An Inn&hellip by Christopher Parnell
1.0 out of 5 stars A work of fiction, 19 Mar 2014
I have no doubt the author was in jail but the rest of his story is farfetched. For example, after saving prisinors from a cholera outbreak he fights with a group of assassins, he is killed and comes back to life again in a morgue!

He claims to have translated legal documents into Indonesian and distributed them (thereby becoming a hero of a prison uprising). However he can't even spell the name of the prison he was in and there are many errors in his Indonesian language.

Also, he claimed to be innocent but freely admits travelling with false documents and using various aliases.

Bovine faeces!

You're better off reading Hotel K by Kathryn Bonella… Read more
Lost Christianities: The Battles for Scripture and&hellip by Bart D. Ehrman
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Ehrman masterfully demonstrates that there were many flavours of Christianity in the past, most of which did not survive. Most intruiging are the Ebioties, the Jewish Christians, who actually revered Jesus' brother James rather than the Apostle Paul. Although they likely preserved a more accurate teaching about Jesus, this sect died out when the emerging Catholic Church (Ehrman calls them the proto-orthadox) triumphed over all.

The story of how the proto-orthadox won the day is told in a way that is accessible to the layman.

This book is a fascinating study of these alternative christianities and their often weird understanding of Jesus and God. I can recommend it to… Read more
Jesus the Jew (SCM Classics) by Geza Vermes
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Put quite simply, every student of the historical Jesus should have this book in their library. Yes, to the general reader the title may be a tough, even boring read, but you cannot fault Vermes for his meticulous, detail oriented research.

I particularily liked his study of the term 'son of god' which actually has a Jewish history predating Jesus - originally it meant someone who was pious and close to god. Of course, Christians have taken this term literally. But it does remind us that Jesus was very much a Jew of his age.

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