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Yes that's sort of me; well we do have the same name, and I say 'super' a lot
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I review books both history and fiction of many genres. I tend to review films that are off the beaten track and especially ‘World Cinema’ and I don’t mean the ‘gentleman’s excuse’ me type of thing. I like films about war, love, life and anything that could be classified as gay interest. Whilst I have quite a wide taste in music I tend to review the less well known stuff like Okkervil River, Isra… Read more

I love music like Americana, alt country, alt folk, alt indie and just plain old alt. I love cinema and buy as much as I can but had to take the Odeon back as I had nowhere to put it. I like drinking but only ever to excess. I love gigs, festivals an… Read more


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Die Siebtelbauern - The Inheritors [DVD] [1999] <b>DVD</b> ~ Simon Schwarz
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4.0 out of 5 stars `An Alpine Western', 14 Sep 2014
`Die Siebtelbauern' is set in Austria in the 1930's we have some peasants who work for a miserly and brutal farmer. Then one day he is murdered, the culprit is soon found but so is the farmers will. The surprising thing is he has left the farm to all of the workers. However, only farmers can actually be farmers and so the local farmers' clique set about undermining the efforts of the new collective.

Soon splits appear in the ranks at the new farm but Lukas - who was a foundling- manages to hold things together with the help of feisty Emmy. We also have Severin who is the narrator. So the fight is on to keep the farm, make it work and enjoy themselves - however the mischief and… Read more
Ilo Ilo [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Angeli Bayani
Ilo Ilo [DVD] DVD ~ Angeli Bayani
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Set in 1997 we meet the Lim family - this is the start of the financial breakdown and Mr Lim has made some ill considered investments. He also works as a salesman for a company who seem to make useless tat in the glass department. His wife also works and they have a young son Jiale. Because of their work commitments they decide to get a Filipino maid - as was the fashion at the time. Enter Terry who has left her native home and young child to earn some money by being a virtual slave to her new masters.

First thing they do is take her passport away in case she runs off. She also has to sleep on a `put me up bed' in the same room as Jiale. It is not easy for her but she is one of… Read more
Comrade Fox: Low-living in Revolutionary Russia (T&hellip by Stewart Hennessey
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Meet Archibald Fox, he has deserted the British front line of The Somme and done a runner to good old neutral Switzerland. That is where he runs into one of his mother's old special friends - and one of his special uncles none other than Lenin. Now Foxy doesn't give a hoot about any of their Bolshevik's politics or indeed anyone's but Lenin does have in his entourage a rather attractive and rich female companion - Inessa. So when the Germans agree to slip Lenin back into Russia on a `sealed train' Archie goes along as a bit of muscle for the vacillating Lefty.

Fox has a penchant for languages and is fine with the lingua franca and, being an advocate of excessive alcohol… Read more

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