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I review books both history and fiction of many genres. I tend to review films that are off the beaten track and especially ‘World Cinema’ and I don’t mean the ‘gentleman’s excuse’ me type of thing. I like films about war, love, life and anything that could be classified as gay interest. Whilst I have quite a wide taste in music I tend to review the less well known stuff like Okkervil River, Isra… Read more

I love music like Americana, alt country, alt folk, alt indie and just plain old alt. I love cinema and buy as much as I can but had to take the Odeon back as I had nowhere to put it. I like drinking but only ever to excess. I love gigs, festivals an… Read more


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Colgate A1500 ProClinical Rechargeable Electric To&hellip by Colgate
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This is my second Omron - which is an anagram of `moron', so, they could have got a better name. Still, I digress; this is a fatter, faster model being the catchy named A1500 (which sounds like a road in Orkney or somewhere). This model has a much more ergonomically shaped handle and the on/off switch is higher up which prevents accidental turning off, which plagued my earlier model.

It comes with three heads, one of which is a `sensitive' type. It also has a base charger unit which is smaller than the earlier model and a carry case so you can take it away with you without worrying if it will turn itself on in your suitcase (as happened with me and the old one once)… Read more
The Washington Snipers [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Isaiah Washington
The Washington Snipers [DVD] DVD ~ Isaiah Washington
Released in the US as `Blue Caprice', this tells the story of John Allen Muhammed and teenage accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo who went on a random shooting spree in 2002. John Allen picked up the younger Lee in Antigua where he was attempting to get his three children away from the maternal mother.

The plot jumps back to the States where John Allen has taken his charge to show him all that America has to offer and then take it apart for being corrupt and against him and his ambitions. He leads the young boy to meet some unsavoury types and seems to have some sort of mental hold over him and is able to demand almost total obedience. What transpired managed to make news around the… Read more
Beyond The Front Line [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Ake Lindman
Beyond The Front Line [DVD] DVD ~ Ake Lindman
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The original title of this film in IMDB is refrenced as `Beyond Enemy Lines' a Finnish film from 2004 with an original title of "Framom främsta linjen". So this may be a re- release by Metrodome. It is based on the diaries of the Swedish regiment 61 who fought in the Continuation War against Soviet Russia from 1942 to 1944; and the battles from from Syväri to the Karelian Isthmus were some of the heaviest.

It is a very true to the diaries and includes recreations of the photographs taken by the lieutenant. There is a fair amount of action and even interviews with some of the survivors. But this is basically a dramatisation of the diaries and done in a mainly linear time… Read more

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