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I review books both history and fiction of many genres. I tend to review films that are off the beaten track and especially ‘World Cinema’ and I don’t mean the ‘gentleman’s excuse’ me type of thing. I like films about war, love, life and anything that could be classified as gay interest. Whilst I have quite a wide taste in music I tend to review the less well known stuff like Okkervil River, Isra… Read more

I love music like Americana, alt country, alt folk, alt indie and just plain old alt. I love cinema and buy as much as I can but had to take the Odeon back as I had nowhere to put it. I like drinking but only ever to excess. I love gigs, festivals an… Read more


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The Motel Life [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Emile Hirsch
The Motel Life [DVD] DVD ~ Emile Hirsch
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Frank and Jerry Lee are brothers who have been dealt a hard hand in the game of life. They scrape a living by working low paid jobs and live in motel rooms. The only thing that seems to bring them happiness is the stories that Frank invents and the pictures that Jerry lee draws about them.

Then one night Jerry Lee runs down and kills a young boy - he is riddled with guilt and he takes drastic action to atone. What we have here is a story of brotherly love trying to survive and lost chances. The performances from Stephen Dorff and Emile Hirsch are excellent. Hirsch proving that he can stretch is acting capabilities and both of them demonstrating a versatility that their… Read more
Under the Rainbow [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jean-Pierre Bacri
Under the Rainbow [DVD] DVD ~ Jean-Pierre Bacri
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Laura is 24 and still waiting for her Prince Charming. Then she runs into Sandro at a party and its all love at first sight type thing. We also have the story of Sandro's papa - Pierre played by Jean-Pierre Bacri who also wrote this. He seems to find it hard to express his feelings and is haunted by a foretelling of his death on the 14 march.

Add to the mix some experimental music, a children's play and driving lessons and you have enough happenings to make a very good story indeed. The thing is it just doesn't work. The acting is all excellent; it is beautifully shot, well directed and professionally made. But and it is a really big but, it is not funny in the least. The romance… Read more
Iron Sky [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Julia Dietze
Iron Sky [DVD] DVD ~ Julia Dietze
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I avoided this thinking it was just another Nazi exploitation film. Then I heard the directors cut was out and it's actually a comedy - so I gave it a shot. We all know the best dressed side lost the war, but in this slice of comedy sci-fi the Germans merely retreated to the dark side of the moon and regrouped. Ignore the fact there is no oxygen, water, or ability to grow food and you will soon realise this is all well credible. There they rebuilt the Third Reich and planned to re-invade Earth around 2018.

Enter an inept attempt by a female President of the US to have a stunt to garner votes. She sends a black celebrity to the moon to be the first black man on the rock. Well he… Read more

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