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University Games 32 Dice Strategy Game by University Games
5.0 out of 5 stars DICE DOMINATOR!!, 25 July 2014
This should have been my favourite of all the games I possess in my collection (around 700) as it consists of nothing but dice - which I love; even the placing of the playing pieces to start relies on the roll of each of the thirty-two dice - and it's even the dice that serve as the playing pieces also - and so what could possibly be wrong? Well, nothing in particular, only that like games such as scrabble and chess, and many other such two-player games based on lots of strategy, it seems to take opponents forever to make a move... I easily get bored with games such as this, as I do like a quick turn around when waiting for players to take their turn. This is not one of those games for… Read more
STRANDED by Spear's Games
STRANDED by Spear's Games
5.0 out of 5 stars Very strategic!, 25 July 2014
A two-player game, where `fences' are eliminated in order to leave your opponent `stranded'!

Each player makes a move in a straight line and hops over fences. This can be one or several fences - the first one that is hopped over is removed from the game.

The idea of the game is to leave your opponent `stranded' so that they are left unable to make any more `legal' moves. A lot of thinking ahead in this one - but not so much that people will grow beards between turns like chess!!

Good game!
Ghost Stories by Asmodee
Ghost Stories by Asmodee
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I purchased Ghost Stories - which is my first in the `cooperative' genre actually, because it had been drawn to my attention via a YouTube Video that this was as good a game to play solo as it was with others, and as I don't always have someone to play my games with, thought it may be a good idea to try.

Despite having a collection of around 700 board games - and been collecting now for more years than I care to remember, I did not realise they made games that could be played solo! Of course, any game can be played solo really - if one were to take the role of two players - but I can't see that would be much fun, and so when I spotted this, and learned there were quite a few… Read more