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The Purge: Anarchy [Blu-ray] <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Franco Grillo
The Purge: Anarchy [Blu-ray] Blu-ray ~ Franco Grillo
For one night a year, all crime is legal across the United States. The rationale is that the citizens have an opportunity to release the murderous frustration that's built up during their dull, safe existence the other 364 days of the year. A kind of cleansing of the base drives. Philosophically, psychologically, and practically, it's an idea that doesn't hold water, making some boldly cynical (and just plain wrong) assumptions about human nature. The result last year was a far-fetched house siege thriller with an effectively grim John Carpenter vibe but a smorgasbord of lethal flaws.

This time around the Purge Night action shifts from a single abode to the mean streets, with… Read more
Some Like It Hot [DVD] [1959] <b>DVD</b> ~ Tony Curtis
Some Like It Hot [DVD] [1959] DVD ~ Tony Curtis
5.0 out of 5 stars As hot as ever, 19 July 2014
Seven decades on and funnier than ever. While the appeal of The Apartment - Billy Wilder's more challenging, bittersweet collaboration with Jack Lemmon - seems to wax and wane with audiences over the years, Some Like It Hot is always hot. It's simply a masterpiece of the medium; a triumph of screenwriting, direction, editing, and performance. It's an easy sell to anyone with even a modicum of interest in film as an artform.

The plot is preposterous. Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) are struggling big band musicians who happen to witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. So, naturally, they flee Chicago for Florida as part of the all-woman outfit "Sweet Sue and her… Read more
Gimme Shelter [DVD] [2014] <b>DVD</b> ~ Vanessa Hudgens
Gimme Shelter [DVD] [2014] DVD ~ Vanessa Hudgens
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On one hand a well-meaning poem to sisterhood, motherhood, abandonment, and forgiveness, on the other a facile and sentimental slice of Bible `n' Babies propaganda, this sort-of-socio-realist construction, crafted carefully from a true story, is destined to be a simultaneous critical punchbag and a defiant people's favourite. From the first gruesomely colour-drained close-up to the inevitable real-life photos over the end credits it's straining to be accepted as a Serious Movie.

"I want out of the system!" cries Apple (Vanessa Hudgens), providing the film's agenda and what to expect from the screenwriting from practically the first scene. She's just run away from home, from her… Read more