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SPIT THE DOG ARM PUPPET by 1st for toys
SPIT THE DOG ARM PUPPET by 1st for toys
5.0 out of 5 stars Hawwwwk-Tuuuuh!, 7 May 2013
I have only given this puppet a 1 star for educational value, as it isn't educational at all - but then it's not trying to be.

Ever since I watched Tiswas on Saturday mornings as a kid, I dreamed that one day I would get my own Spit the Dog puppet - now, thanks to the peeps who created this puppet, I finally can over 30 years later :-D

I thought I would have to pratice the "hawwwwk-tuuuh" spitting noise which Bob Carolgees was so good at, but to my surprise and delight the puppet includes a voice box that does the spit noise for you, you just press a button inside the lining of it's lower jaw which is easily accessed after you put it on your arm.

Even my… Read more
TRIXES USB CRYSTAL 3 Fans Cooler Pad for Laptop, N&hellip by TRIXES
These coolers do exactly what they are supposed to do - I bought a couple to cool down two Xbox 360's (which get hot underneath thanks to the DVD drive spinning). I am very pleased with them, thanks very much! :-)
Army Of Darkness Aka Evil Dead III [Blu-ray]
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I know what you're thinking - this classic film starring Bruce Campbell has been released so many times already (and it has)... but whether you're a long-time fan or newcomer, it's worth getting this movie on Blu-Ray. Essentially, it's the HD-DVD version transferred to the Blu-Ray format, but what a difference HD makes - the quality of the picture is the best I've seen of this film. One thing worth mentioning, as it neglects to tell you under EXTRAS on the box cover: This Blu-Ray edition is the U.S. theatrical cut with the S-Mart ending - but the Director's Cut appears as an "extra" in standard definition. Incidentally, the DVD release (with the same box art and extras information) is… Read more

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