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Star Trek XI (2-Disc Edition) - with Free Comic Bo&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Chris Pine
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Bringing Star Trek back to the big screen was never going to be an easy task. By 2005 the latest TV version had been cancelled due to low rating, while the last big screen out failed at the box office. But flash forward to 2009 and Trek is back with a bang.

Following the destruction of his home planet Romulus, the villainous Nero and his crew, along with Spock, who Nero blames for the destruction of his planet, are sent back to separate points in time via a black hole. While awaiting Spock's arrival in the past Nero's actions, starting with the destruction of the USS Kelvin and the death of James T Kirk's father, alter the timeline for ever resulting in an alternate reality. Upon… Read more
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2-Disc) Speci&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Shia LaBeouf
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After a box office success in 2007, Transformers returns to the big screen with Revenge of the Fallen. Two years on from Transformers, the Autobots are still on earth, now in greater numbers, working with the US military; protect the earth from further Decepticon attacks, who are searching for Megatrons body and pieces of the all spark needed to revive him. At the same time, Sam Witwicky tries to get to normal life, as he prepares for collage and the effect it will have on hot girlfriend Mikaela. This is soon interrupted as he discovers a piece of the "all spark" infuses his mind with all knowledge it contains. From here on out it becomes a all out battle with the Decepticon, who's leader… Read more
Private Practice - Season 1 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Kate Walsh
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Private Practice is a spin off of Grey's Anatomy created by Shonda Rhimes. The show follows the life of Dr. Addison Montgomery as she leaves Seattle Grace Hospital in order to join a private practice (Oceanside Wellness) in Los Angeles. The team at Oceanside Wellness consists of divorced couple Sam (internal medicine) and fertility specialist Naomi Pete (an alternative medicine specialist) who catches Addisons eye, Violet (a neurotic psychiatrist), Cooper (the playboy pediatrician) and Dell, (the office manager/ traniee midwife) who's love with Namoi.

Like any other spin off private practice will always face comparison to its parent show and in such comparisons private practice… Read more

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