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Six foot, slim, leather, hair Metal, ink, thousand mile stare

Mathematics, music and mayhem


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The Keystone by A.M. Dean
The Keystone by A.M. Dean
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Seriously, there is nothing good to be said about this appalling piece of trash.

The writing is utterly inept. Let's take an early example of this that I found:
"She had known Andrew since her childhood ... Andrew was younger than her by almost ten years ... If Emily had come to love adventure, it was because she had been so strongly influenced by this man who had loved it since his youth."

So she's known him since he was a toddler, and she was a teenage girl? And he was a key influence in her psychological development? Oh don't make me laugh!

Later on, having been told she's not to involve any more in an FBI investigation, she steals the gun of one of… Read more
The Brutal Art by Jesse Kellerman
The Brutal Art by Jesse Kellerman
I gave this a 4 because, although the plot goes nowhere and the climax is non-existent, the writing itself is highly skilled. The author knows what he is talking about -- either through diligent research or through having actually been there in such situations. This made the book well worth reading.

Where it falls over is in two places: first, as I've said above, the plot itself had the opportunity of going somewhere, but the denouement was so mundane you wonder whether the author *deliberately* wanted to disappoint, as some post-modern ironic statement of some kind, thereby making the book into a joke, a self-referentially absurdist piece of modern performance art or something… Read more
The Letters by Satya Robyn
The Letters by Satya Robyn
I had trouble with this because it wasn't serial enough for my liking: an initial lovers' bustup, and then from there on in the episodes did not make any chronological sense. Interspersed with pages and pages of backstory, which I suppose was there in order to flesh out the protagonist, but instead may just have been an act of catharsis, was a domestic tale of spiteful village jealousies, all seen through the eyes of the unlikeable and somewhat poisonous narrator, whom I could not believe. And interspersed with *that* are these mysterious letters from some 50 or so years before (all dated meticulously to 1959) whose origins are not investigated. (If it had been me, I would at least have… Read more

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