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5.0 out of 5 stars Criminally misunderstood, 7 Jan 2006
Clearly, this is not a film the majority of people will enjoy, or even understand. Disturbing and highly emotional, this is a piece of brilliance which is sadly being judged too harshly on it's surface material.
Suicide is filmed in a style similar to the Dogme 95 directors of legend, this is probably due to the complete lack of budget Raoul Heimrich had to work with, but the effect is no less stark. The vast majority of scenes are done in a single, continuous take, with no editing tricks or special effects coming between the viewer and the naked performances. Cutting is kept to a bare minimum, typically used only to change from one scene to the next, and the shooting is… Read more
With Teeth ~ Nine Inch Nails
With Teeth ~ Nine Inch Nails
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Before beginning properly, I feel I should point out that the score above is intended to reflect this album as a stand-alone piece, as to rate it based on Trent Reznor's impeccable back catalogue would simply be unfair. However if you want a rough guide, I suggest the following-
If you wish to compare this album to 'The Fragile', knock a point off the given rating.
If you wish to compare this to either 'Broken' or 'Pretty Hate Machine', knock two points off the given rating.
If you wish to compare this to 'The Downward Spiral', just give up completely.
For all the expectation, inevitable given the waiting period we had to endure, this is by far the weakest Nine Inch… Read more
Once ~ Nightwish
Once ~ Nightwish
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To put it simply, this is the best Nightwish release since Oceanborn.
After Wishmaster it seemed that Tuomas and his band had taken a new musical direction. With 'Over the Hills' and 'Century Child' it seemed the songwriting had taken a leaner, more direct approach. The beautifully complex song structures had been simplified in favour of a collection of more straight-up metal anthems. Whilst this new material was almost all excellent, it simply wasn't what Nightwish do best.
Now it's gone even further the other way.
This album is closest to Oceanborn in it's style, each song going through complexly interwoven melodies and time changes before rising up to a chorus sure to… Read more

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