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Wicker Man - 3-Disc 40th Anniversary Edition [Blu-&hellip <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Edward Woodward
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The Final Cut arrives, still in its incorrect aspect ratio and with new bad editing.
Horrendous visual and audible new edits to the 'Landlords Daughter' and 'Willows Song' sequences
The film was shot and was intended to be veiwed in the 4:3 ratio.This new version is another lazy lopping off of the top and bottom sections of the picture frame.Have a look at the Trailer for the film on the bonus features on any of its DVD releases-this is the correct framing.
The 'Directors Cut' (longer than the Final Cut) included on the blu-ray runs at the incorrect speed of 25 frames per second, not 24 fps as intended,and as the other 2 versions on the blu ray do.
It incorrectly says… Read more
Lost Highway [Blu-ray] (1997) <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Bill Pullman
Lost Highway [Blu-ray] (1997) Blu-ray ~ Bill Pullman
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One of the advantages nearly all Blu rays have over regular UK DVDs is that they play back at the original theatrical speed of 24 frames per second (24 FPS).This is the speed that the film or digital camera shot the actual movie, and the speed shown in all US and UK movie theatres.
All DVDS on the PAL TV system play back at the faster,incorrect rate of 25 frames per second.This most noticable when you hear a well known piece of music on the soundtrack,it sounds slightly sped up.If you compare the running time of any UK DVD with its US NTSC copy the US DVD always has a longer running time by a few minutes.
This particular Blu ray transfer of Lost Highway weirdly is one of the rare… Read more
Image Recall 5 (PC) by ImageRecall
Image Recall 5 (PC) by ImageRecall
Installed it and it didnt recognise a standard 8gb Fuji SD card.Tried many configurations with no success.
Apparently it doesnt work with 'corrupted' cards which is the reason most people would buy this.
Had to take a chance and buy an additional SD card reader which plugs into the hard drive via a USB port.
(The hard drive has an SD slot but the software didnt recognise it)
The software then finally recognised and recovered all of the 20 photographs I accidentally wiped.
The company I bought this from-PicStop- were extremely helpful and answered all my emails quickly.

This may not be the software you need,ask as many questions as you can Before buying.