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Dead Ringer <b>Amazon Instant Video</b> ~ Jennifer Love Hewitt
Dead Ringer Amazon Instant Video ~ Jennifer Love Hewitt
I really enjoyed all 5 series of Ghost Whisperer, it's the only thing I've been watching on here every night for the past few weeks.

There was, I think, still a lot more potential for this series to develop with so many avenues to go down - We were only learning about 'The Shadows' and 'The Shiny's in season 5 and these could have been expanded over at least one more season. As could the other main character's - Aiden, Eli, Ned, and of course Carl The Watcher.

And of course, we could have been given a proper conclusion to the story, even Jennifer said that we never got that......
In January 2011, Hewitt told the press of her opinion about the cancellation, saying… Read more