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2014 Rayzor Professional UV400 Double Lensed Ski /&hellip Rayzor
1.0 out of 5 stars Very poor ski goggles, 23 Feb 2012
I found these goggles very annoying, they fogged up after about 30 minutes usage and I was constantly stopping to clear them. I made lots of different attempts to clear them, from spitting in to them, using different sprays and waxes, nothing worked. Eventually I borrowed a pair from a friend that she had bought from ALDI for 6 euros. If you like to take your time on the slopes and not get too hot and sweaty then I am sure these goggles would be fine, but if like me you get a bit heated then I am afraid these will not suit you. I was probably fooled by the price being cut from 70 to 17. I will be hanging on to the goggles from ALDI and will use them next year.