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Mighty Bright Blue Xtraflex 2 LED Book Light by Mighty Bright
Giving "I don't like it" as my rating (which is what 2 stars represents) may be a bit unfair. This is a sturdy and well-made and nice looking piece of kit and easy to turn off and on, with no annoying dangly wires - just not right for my purposes. Specifically, I bought it for my son's bunkbed, for him to read in bed at night, which he likes to do for an hour each night. I had three concerns. (1) That it should clip onto the bunk - it does, and grips well. (2) That the bulb should not get hot - it does not, so perfectly safe for a child. (3) That it should be sufficiently bright to avoid eye strain when used by a child as a sole light source for reading. Alas, I think this is too dim a… Read more
Caspari 25.4 x 23 cm Advent Christmas Carousel by Caspari
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I could not get this product to work (and I speak as someone who has assembled advent houses for the past 3 years). The basic problem is that there are not enough tabs, those that there are don't line up, and you're trying to bend pieces of straight card into a circle. I don't think this product should be sold.
5 Love Languages of Children The PB by CHAPMAN & CAMPBELL
5 Love Languages of Children The PB by CHAPMAN & CAMPBELL
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This is really rewarding and practical book that I would recommend to any parent. I cam to it fresh from reading "Detoxing Childhood", a book that I found negative and patronising and that left me feeling inadequate and guilty. This book was such a relief. Its implicit starting point seems to be that parents know their own children best, that they have their best interests at heart, are fundamentally good and competent people, and will benefit from some practical suggestions. The writers seem to assume that families come in all shapes and sizes and work patterns etc and don't appear to have any interest in trying to make anyone feel bad, just in making positive suggestions. The basic… Read more