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Gang War in Milan [Blu-ray] [1973] [US Import] <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Antonio Sabato
“She was the top girl in my organisation! My star! She brought in more than half a million lire a day! Not even the Queen of Holland makes that much!”

Umberto Lenzi’s first Eurocrime movie Gang War in Milan aka Milano Rovente/Red Hot Milan doesn’t have the extreme violence his later films would become infamous for, but there’s still plenty of nastiness and casual misogyny on display. The plot’s a surprising spin on gangster movie expectations: rather than two rival gangs in the same racket fighting over who controls which territory, it sees Philippe Leroy’s French drug dealer trying to force Antonio Sabato’s pimp who looks like a cross between Franco Nero and Burt Reynolds and… Read more
Meet Him & Die [Blu-ray] [1976] [US Import] <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Ray Lovelock
Meet Him and Die aka Risking is a pretty average Italian poliziotteschi directed by Franco Prosperi – NOT the Mondo Cane Franco Prosperi despite the booklet in Raro’s Bluray detailing his career instead. The plot is seen-it-all before stuff as Ray Lovelock’s rookie cop goes undercover in jail to get the goods on Martin Balsam’s crime boss by helping him to escape and unearthing the moneymen behind him, but he’s following his own agenda to find and kill the hoods who crippled his mother, and it’s even money on whether he’s more than happy to kill various smalltime criminals along the way to protect his cover or because he enjoys it. Despite his prominent billing, Balsam doesn’t have a lot to… Read more
Assassination (1967) <b>DVD</b> ~ Fred Beir
Assassination (1967) DVD ~ Fred Beir
Emilio Miraglia’s Assassination is the kind of film where the most interest to be had is looking at the movie theatre marquees on the New York locations to see which movies are playing (The Liquidator, Hawaii and a double bill of The Killing and Killer’s Kiss among them, all more promising than this dud). An Italian thriller largely shot in Bonn and New York, it stars Henry Silva as secret agent Philip Chandler (wonder where they got name from?) who awakes from the big sleep after his prison execution to find he’s been given a new life and a slightly new face as an assassin to unravel a very unlikely international assassination plot. It’s the kind of film that looks like it’s literally been… Read more