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Hairy Bear (Story Box Read-Togethers) by Joy Cowley
5.0 out of 5 stars I'll bim-bam-bash 'em!, 22 Sep 2011
My mother and I used to read this together when I was little, and we introduced my brother to it when he was old enough to read too. We both used to love it - so much so that I can still remember half the lines, and take great joy recounting them to my bemused husband.

The story is simple and intriguing - Mrs (she could be a Ms) Bear is in bed and can hear suspicious noises downstairs. She's trying to persuade her partner, Hairy, to go take a look. Comfy and warm in bed, he's not convinced of the need and seems quite determined to stay put. Eventually of course, carefully metered perseverance wins over and down he goes, slightly apprehensive, with only his alliterative ability… Read more

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