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Top Reviewer Ranking: 8,100 - Total Helpful Votes: 242 of 308
Unstuff Your Life! : Kick the Clutter Habit and Co&hellip by Andrew J. Mellen
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If ever there was a perfect example of a magazine article stretched to the length of a book this is it. In fact even the author admits the basic rule is "like with like" and "a home for everything". This message is then applied, chapter by repetitive chapter in tedious detail as the author takes you room by room through your house, garage and car. The structure of each chapter is the same, leaving you screaming "Okay! I get it!" by the end of chapter three.

And any book which explains how I should store the individual railway tracks from my Christmas panorama decorations is clearly written by and for people with too much time on their hands. You may think… Read more
Going Self-Employed: How to Start Out in Business &hellip by Steve Gibson
4.0 out of 5 stars Great starting point, 2 Jan 2014
Whilst there are certainly more comprehensive guides to starting your own business out there (check out The Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up 2014: The Most Comprehensive Annually Updated Guide for Entrepreneurs (The FT Guides) they are pretty daunting tomes.

This is a business book you'll read cover to cover in a day or two. It appears to cover all the basics and is written in a friendly (occasionally overly blokey) style which makes it an easy read. Only the marketing section seems a little behind the times, focusing on local press advertising rather than digital marketing for instance.

The author's… Read more
Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) ~ Gary Numan
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I hate to break the run of five star reviews, but Gary Numan is too accomplished and talented an artist to need to be patronised with overblown praise from me. This is a very solid four star album, and a step up from Jagged, but I prefer Pure and Dead Sun Rising.

When Numan was first penning this album he talked about making it relentless, dark, heavy and anthemic. Perhaps it's a good thing he decided to add more variety, and there are certainly more shades of darkness here. But perhaps that's part of the reason I dropped a star.

I've noted Mr Numan tends to have one slow, melancholy song per album, often as a closer, to provide contrast with the pounding of previous… Read more