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Damage ~ Jimmy Eat World
Damage ~ Jimmy Eat World
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4.0 out of 5 stars Undamaged, 7 Aug 2013
Yes, on the surface, this does seem to be a little contrived, a little safe and not particularly evidence of growth for the band. But when has that ever really been the case since their first few albums? This is JEW on a high. There are granted few 'classics' but nary a bad track exists on the release. With regard to quality it is a definite equal to Futures and Invented and even Chase This Light, albeit in a less 'pop' fashion.

Best tracks for me were the grower 'Lean' (possibly the best track here and a definite pop classic for the band), 'I Will Steal You Back' (JEW can write these gems in their sleep) and 'No Never' (the band at their catchiest).

Not stunning. But… Read more
iUno! ~ Green Day
iUno! ~ Green Day
4.0 out of 5 stars Nuclear, 15 Nov 2012
As good as the band's last 2 albums were they are still the releases I play the least. Rock opera is fine but it gets old pretty quick. So I was glad that when I heard of the new trio of albums the remit was back to 'normal' structure and tone. What I wasn't aware was that by doing this they had basically recorded Warning 2. Which, again, is actually no bad thing. I like Warning and find myself liking it more and more every time I play it. At the time of its release I was rather nonplussed about it. I have a feeling that this is what is to occur with Uno as well. It's good, not great, but gets better with a little seasoning.

Best tracks are opener, 'Nuclear Family', a real… Read more
The Lost Boys [DVD] [1987] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jason Patric
The Lost Boys [DVD] [1987] DVD ~ Jason Patric
5.0 out of 5 stars Pesky vampires!, 8 Aug 2012
A fun, well made film that has moments of heart but mainly plays to its strengths which is whimsy, action and spectacle. The leads are all efficient in their characterisation but not particularly memorable, apart from probably Keifer Sutherland who oozes deliberate overacting perfectly, but it's the entire idea and its implementation that wins overall. Teenage vampires (such an original concept back then!) terrorising and turning a sleepy, 80s Californian town. What's not to like? Corey Haim? Corey Feldman? The wooden Jason Patric? None of it. It's all just good, clean (in places) fun. And it comes together perfectly even with a great little twist at the end (before twists were expected… Read more