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The Project Eden Thrillers Combined Edition Volume&hellip by Brett Battles
3.0 out of 5 stars Price, 29 Mar 2014
Seriously, this is getting out of hand here, the price of these books is crazy as they are so short, and look here two of the books at the Eden project together and they don't even reach 500 pages. I am so tired of downloading books only to read them overnight and be left wanting more. The first book in this two book book was on sale for £9 on its own and now this book is over £4.

I cannot share or swap or give away a digital book, once I have read it, I delete it, I am not one to read a book more than once.

I love this author and his writing style, but there are many others out there that I like more. I want to support Brett but not at the prices they are asking for… Read more
Three Mobile Broadband Ready to Go†3GB Preloaded D&hellip by 3 Original
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1.0 out of 5 stars Price, 8 Feb 2014
Seriously this was £7.06 at one stage and the price has just been rising almost every day. I dont understand how data has become so expensive, Three is making a bundle from charging three times the price they started with on these sims. Sadly it looks like there is collusion between the network providers on price, as they are all increasing their charges regularly.

If anything the £7 for 3gb seems a little high, I would say that £5 for 10gb would be a price that reflects the market but even this seems low, normal use on an internet connection is around 100gb a month so if they provided a sim with 100gb for £20 i am sure they would still be making a ton and people would buy it… Read more
Rest Assured Silhouette Latina Memory Luxury 1000 &hellip by Rest Assured
1.0 out of 5 stars New Mattress, 5 July 2013
Seriously avoid this mattress , the top layer of padding on this was not thick enough and at the price they are selling it for it is a complete waste unless you weight under 60kg i weigh 105kg and am 6ft tall. I had a problem from the start with this mattress and did not realise it was the mattress, i eventually after a few months of waking or turning during the night with pain in my hips had my wife look at where the pain was, and she was amazed, there were ridges in my skin almost 2 mm deep from the metal inside the mattress these were also on my shoulder, i called amazon and for the first time did not get very good service, they advised i call the manufacturer, so i called and they said… Read more