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"White Rose"
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Growing old disgracefully. I wear heels, still, long flowing clothes (that's the medieval influence, I think) love researching for my historical books. I am involved in channelling a series of autobiographies from spirit authors, famous people from our history. The series starts in January 2010 and continues until I die. Simple as that. Look out for my name on a whole new exciting set of books.

medieval historian, author of Captain Of The Wight, a book on a piece of medieval island history, medium, writer, editor, photographer, love crime books, horror books, all types of music outside of classical and rap. Mostly playing Elvis and Four Top… Read more

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Top Reviewer Ranking: 6,186 - Total Helpful Votes: 445 of 591
Death Notice by Todd Ritter
Death Notice by Todd Ritter
1.0 out of 5 stars too clichéd for words, 19 April 2014
The last two reviews of this book sum up the way I felt when reading it,
Nothing like spotlighting the red herrings, in one case a transformer blew up casting light into the car which *surprise surprise* conveniently had ALL the tools needed for these murders right there on the passenger seat, like that would happen... and like that would happen when there were still chapters to go, so you knew it wasn't the right one... if you add in the typical 'crime' stereotypes' police chief with problems, aided by state cop with problems, complicated by others with problems... all been done before. Let's have a police chief who just gets on with the job, goes home, doesn't drink, has a loving… Read more
By Marisha Pessl - Night Film by Marisha Pessl
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Ok, where to start... a waste of money? is that a good start? the book is hefty, filled with elaborate 'covers'. emails, online trickery that open up further if you download an app to play with it.
The story is convoluted, predictable by about half way through, filled with odd characters who can function, it seems, without earning a living to pay for anything they do and purports to be an indepth look into the life of a film maker and his deceased daughter.
The book is smothered, is drowning under, the weight of the unnecessary italics. I dislike them anyway but here there is a veritable blizzard of the things when they are not needed, not for emphasis or anything. It has to be… Read more
Of A Feather by Ken Goldman
Of A Feather by Ken Goldman
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5.0 out of 5 stars A great (scary) read!, 5 Jan 2014
The second hand store where I work regularly receives items from the public to sell on. An ornament came in recently, a clown sitting on a bench with two pigeons at his side. It freaked me out.
To understand why this innocuous attractive ornament had that effect on me you need to read 'Of A Feather' by Ken Goldman, who has taken Hitchcock's classic horror film and taken it about ten miles further on...
Whoever came up with 'a murder of crows' as a collective name must have known that years into the future, a novelist would write a book in which the crows commit murder, at the behest of the person who holds the power to control them. Socrates Singer holds that power for some… Read more