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It seems downright dishonest to grab a shopper's attention by displaying a reasonable price for an item, then piling on a delivery charge of as much as - or more than - the price of the goods. I won't be buying anything from such suppliers.


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7" NEW Dual Core M009S 4GB Epad Apad Android 4.2 T&hellip by NATPC
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It's very inexpensive, so just remember this: you get what you pay for. The touch screen and the "manual" are my biggest gripe so far. The touch screen doesn't respond to the spot you touch, but somewhere about half an inch above. So the onscreen keyboard is a nightmare to use: press a character in the centre of an onscreen key and you get either nothing or the character above. If you want the numeric keys, you're in for a long and frustrating game. The number/symbols switch key is at the bottom of the screen so you have to press somewhere right off screen - and it's pretty hit and miss whether you can persuade the keys to change. Having finally succeeded in getting the number keys… Read more
More to William Morris: Two Books that Inspired J.&hellip by Michael W. Perry
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There are two wonderful books between these covers. They are:

The House of the Wolfings

A people of the Goths, made up of family units living in the scattered communities of Nether-mark, Mid-mark and Upper-mark, along a section of river running through a forest called Mirkwood, are threatened by an army of Rome, marching from the south. They are not prepared to wait for the onslaught, but arrange a war council at their traditional gathering place, the Folk-Thing. There they choose battle leaders and formulate a plan of campaign. One of the leaders, the War-duke Thiodolf of the House of the Wolfings, has a secret lover called The Wood-Sun and she is a daughter of the… Read more
Life and Death of Colonel Blimp [Special Edition] &hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Roger Livesey
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The film starts with a silly old soldier being affronted by the rude disdain of a young officer who is using his initiative - and cheating in order to win. The old fellow is made to look ridiculous. The message thrown in his face is that "fair play never won a war". Then the scene travels back 40 years to see the pathetic old fool when he was young and his ideals were the norm, at a time when fair ends didn't justify foul means. He's just returned from the Boer war with a Victoria Cross, but he's still young and impetuous. We accompany him through his own brash youth, when he annoys his grumpy elders, upsets the diplomatic apple cart for his government and has to fight a… Read more

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