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1.0 out of 5 stars Dire, 17 April 2014
I give this book 1 star because it is a propaganda manual more than a product of reasoned or enlightened personages.
It is intellectually bankrupt. Peter Boghossian is a so-called philosopher, but goes about rooting the foundation of his entire book on a straw-man concept of faith.

His idea of faith is believing in something which there is no evidence for, and his argument is that faith is not a good or reliable source of knowledge, it has no epistemological value.

Boghossian in Orwellian fashion goes about redefining words, much like the rest of the new atheists, (disbelief? non belief? belief there is no god? tell me mr atheist, what is the definition today? ps,… Read more
The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence&hellip by Francis Collins
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Ive just finished this book and i cannot recommend it. The title suggests that the book will explore how human genetics alludes the potential for a divine creator.
The content of the book reads like a science journal, with 90% devoted to scientific thesis, 8% explaining why traditional religion is wrong on the basis of said thesis, and just 2% explaining why the author believes in God.

Whats more is that Collins belief in God does is not based in Genetic evidence at all, rather philosophical questions which cannot as yet be answered. Questions which are much better posed by the likes of Antony Flew in his book "There is a God". Considering the title of the book, and Collins'… Read more
SimCity - Limited Edition (PC DVD) Sim City 5 2013&hellip by Electronic Arts
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Just astonishing. Amazon, i am never buying anything from you again, and i will never trust your rating system again, knowing that third party companies can successfully lobby for you to delete negative reviews.

Even if the game is "Good", when you buy a burger you expect to be able to eat it in good time. Not wait for 3 days for it to be cooked. Even if the burger is really good when it comes, a 1 star rating is still legitimate because of the lack of service.

You have chosen EA over you customers Amazon, and it won't be forgotten.

How many man hours did you rubbish, when you deleted those 2000+ reviews??

That is a crime against your… Read more