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9/11: The Simple Facts (Real Story (Soft Skull Pre&hellip by Arthur Naiman
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Designed for newcomers into the complex world of 9/11 theories, there is almost too much information packed into this short book. The implications of the controlled demolition of both the twin towers and WTC7 are staggering. And, yet, who in the mainstream are even asking even half the questions that should be asked? At the very least, people should be worried about the safety of skyscrapers if they can collapse totally in 7 seconds (faster than a ball dropping from the roof). Aren't they designed not to fall down? In fact, skyscrapers are designed to withstand hurricanes and 6.9 earthquakes with an epicentre 5 miles from the heart of NYC as well as raging fires. The only three skyscrapers… Read more
Conspiracy! 49 Reasons to Doubt, 50 Reasons to Bel&hellip by Ian Shircore
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This is a book that is just a series of opinion pieces on well known conspiracies. It actually covers 50 in less than 300 pages. So 6 pages on each on average: each one outlining the conspiracy, the reasons to doubt it and the reasons to believe it. So you would expect each topic to end on the unknowns, perhaps? But, no, that is not the case, in most cases the author gives a judgement usually to say "nothing to see here, move along". I have only looked at the conspiracies I was interested in but the author does seem to fix on "what people have said" rather than physical evidence. The possibility of people lying or were patsies, is not considered. Physical evidence can also be forged but… Read more
America's Nazi Secret (Conspiracy Theories) by John Loftus
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I'm rather surprise by the title. In amazon.com for the US market the book is called "America's Nazi Secret: An Insider's History" - how come the title is changed in Amazon.co.uk - where the "Insider History" is removed and "Conspiracy Theories" tag included? I have my own personal view on this! ;-)

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