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I am a psychiatrist who for years has written book reviews of nonfiction for a hobby, sending out the reviews to friends. My friend who edits our local paper began publishing them weekly, and so I am the official nonfiction book reviewer there. At home are me, my wife, three dogs, numerous cats, and lots of books.


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London Underground By Design by Mark Ovenden
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This year is the sesquicentennial of the first subway line in London, the grandfather of all subway systems. There have been countless technological changes since then, and the system has become huge with connections all over the city and outside of it. The changes in technology are a mere side issue within _London Underground by Design_ (Penguin Books) by subway enthusiast Mark Ovenden. His subject is the look and design of trains, stations, maps, signage, and more. It is a comprehensive survey with capsule biographies of the planners and designers through the decades, and it fittingly has hundreds of pictures covering all aspects of the system's design. People take over a billion… Read more
Birds in a Cage: Warburg, Germany, 1941. Four P.O.&hellip by Derek Niemann
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You don't expect birdwatching and Nazi prison camps to go together. Oh, sure, there's that scene in _The Great Escape_ where Donald Pleasence is explaining how to identify a shrike, but that's just cover for his real lecture on forged papers. Some prisoners in real life, however, were confirmed birdwatchers and did not let a few Nazis and some strands of barbed wire stop them. That's the surprising and inspiring story within _Birds in a Cage_ (Short Books) by Derek Niemann. Niemann is an editor at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, in association with which this book is published, and which was to benefit from the prison camp birdwatchers. Not only did the four British… Read more
The Book of Barely Imagined Beings: A 21st Century&hellip by Caspar Henderson
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As if there were not already a extraordinary range of strange animals in the world, the bestiaries of the medieval times included such creatures as barnacle geese growing on trees. In 1967, Jorge Luis Borges brought out _The Book of Imaginary Beings_, which chronicled animals imagined in _Gilgamesh_ and in the works of Kafka. When Caspar Henderson was looking through Borges's book, he realized that there are many real animals that are stranger than fictional ones. He isn't a biologist; he is a journalist and editor, but he realized he wanted to go exploring to find out more about the very strange creatures that evolution has come up with. He has brought out _The Book of Barely Imagined… Read more