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Monty Python and the Holy Grail -- Two-disc set [D&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Graham Chapman
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The movie start off by a gloomy image with dark shadows and the distance you hear horses approacing...the noise comes closer, and there you have it -- Two dorks that are banging coconutshells together! The gloomy atmosphere is ripped away instantly, and you are in for a joyride in silly comedy!
It is the story of King Arthur that has become supreme ruler of rural brittain as he has been given a sword by the lady of the lake ("Pull the other one!"). Most people refuses to take him seriousy (Think about it..would you?) and those who do are truly a weird bunch. You have Sir Lancelot the Brave (Or rather, Sir Lancelot the mass murderer), Sir Galahad, Sir Robin the… Read more
Ring (1998) [DVD] [2000] <b>DVD</b> ~ Nanako Matsushima
Ring (1998) [DVD] [2000] DVD ~ Nanako Matsushima
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5.0 out of 5 stars A different experience, 24 Jan 2003
I bought the movie not knowing what to expect, and after viewing it Im still a bit unsure on what to say. It certainly deserves its five stars though!
The first thing you notice when you see it is that it is not an american movie -- And I dont mean the language used. If you have seen anime films you may have noticed that Japanese films takes a different path that hollywood flicks, but this particular item takes this further. The plot evolves deliberatly slow, leaving much unknown until the very end.
Its rare that a movie gets so scary without being gross, but it is exciting when it works. I dont fully agree with the other reviewers though, I didnt get wozzy when the phone ringed… Read more
Ninja Scroll [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Stephen Apostolina
Ninja Scroll [DVD] DVD ~ Stephen Apostolina
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First and foremost, this film presents excelent actionshots, its quite thrilling and definitly entertaining. The graphics are better than whats usual for animefilms, and the english dub is also quite good.
Thats the positive side though...the main problem is the lack of character development, it seems like you are expected to know the main characters before you see the film, and everytime they get into a tight spot they reveal a new skill thats totally unrealistic given what you know of them. They are also cold and unemotional, and you simply dont get emotionally engaged in their efforts to save feudal Japan.
It does however introduce some very interesting opponents, one guy got a… Read more