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Temper Temper (Deluxe Version) ~ Bullet for My Valentine
Temper Temper (Deluxe Version) ~ Bullet for My Valentine
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Bullet for My Valentine (BFMV) are no doubt a talented bunch of lads from Wales who have so far, managed three album releases and are now releasing a fourth. Kudos.

Kudos because not many bands in the world seem to make it that far. Normally a dissapointing second album is followed by a forgettable third and they go the way of the dodo. Yet here are BFMV with Temper Temper and with it, some of the most diabolical, horrifying lyrics known to man, crossed with a 'Can't be bothered' singing attitude and some bland guitar work.

To say that Temper Temper is the worst album by BFMV is perhaps not being harsh enough. A complete lack of ideas, a rehashing of old work (Not… Read more
True North ~ Bad Religion
True North ~ Bad Religion
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16 albums. Thats a heck of a back catalogue.

After 33 years and 16 studio albums (Not including live albums and compilations) you would expect a band to be losing its edge over the years, expect a band to be slowing down, perhaps ready for a peaceful retirement and yet... what we have here... is an album of undeniable quality.

From the off, True North is an instant Bad Religion classic. Punching out a remarkably similar introduction riff (Leave Mine to Me springs to mind from 1994 album Stranger than Fiction) the song springs into life delivering the message of discovery that continues through to the albums end with Changing Tide.

What must be said… Read more
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (PS3) by Activision
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Family Guy is no doubt one of the funniest shows to have ever been on TV. It never created or moulded the bar like The Simpsons did, but it certainly raised it in terms of jokes, taste and decency.

So a spin off game was always on the cards. This is not however the first, the first being 'Family Guy The Video Game' on Xbox and PS2. However, this is the true definitive game, voiced by the same cast of characters from the show, handled by Activision of Call of Duty fame. What could possibly go wrong?

The answer? Everything! This is without a doubt the worst game I have played this year. It is boring. Horribly paced. Stupidly short. Ridiculously easy. And worst… Read more

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